Smile Magic Instant Smile Refill Pack


Smile Magic Instant Smile Refill Pack


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Note: This refill should be used with the original kit, which can be purchased here

– Smile Magic is a fit it yourself cosmetic or emergency denture kit to cover bad, broken, or missing teeth
– It is used for an instant smile when you have to go to weddings, interviews or parties to get your confidence back
– or, if you really need that perfect smile for a selfie
– Unlike stick-on veneers, you custom mould it to fit over your own teeth, and it clips on and off easily without falling off
– It automatically fills any gaps, broken or bad teeth
– It is strong, lightweight and can be worn all day, and it looks perfectly natural
– It comes out in a brilliant white, but if you don’t like Hollywood White, you can match it to suit any ivory colour
– No dentists required, and you can normally fit it yourself in about 15 minutes
– It has been manufactured in South Africa since 2017, from certified food grade and non-toxic material, and gave thousands of people a beautiful smile and instant confidence
– The kit comes with three flexible moulds, top and bottom, that will fit most adult teeth, and enough material to make about three sets
– No tools required, you only need hot water to get your own comfortable fit
– The kit comes with full and easy to read instructions with pictures

What It Is Not:
– It is not a toy, and it is meant for adults, or possibly later teenage years
– It is not a permanent solution, we still advocate proper dental care and oral hygiene over the long term
– It is not porcelain
– You can sleep with them, eat non-hard foods, but they will last longer if you don’t and foods like curry might stain them.

– The Smile Magic Kit consists of two silicone moulds, top and bottom, enough Thermoplast material to make three sets, and a full set of instructions
– The moulds and the material are made from certified food grade contact and non-toxic material
– The box size is 95mm x 95mm x 38mm and weighs less than 100g, and is sealed with tamperproof heat shrink
– Any factory defect moulds will be replaced

What’s in the box:
1 x Upper Teeth Mold
1 x Lower Teeth Mold
1 x Material to make 3 sets of teeth
1 x Instructions

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3.5 cm


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